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Sarasota Landscaping

Landscaping also known as plantscaping offers extensive use of colors, textures and sizes.

Planet Picasso can help you choose plants, trees and grasses to beautify and environment. The luscious and vibrant colors enhance any urban or rural setting.

Landscape Design in Florida involves considerations for the state's unique climate, soil conditions, and the need for hurricane-resistant features. Planet Picasso can help you choose native plants that are adapted to Florida's climate. They are often more resilient and require less water and maintenance.

Drought-Tolerant Plants can help conserve water and reduce irrigation needs.

Hurricane-Resistant Trees and Plants are more resistant to high winds and heavy rains associated with hurricanes. Palms, live oaks, and certain types of shrubs are known for their resilience.

Planet Picasso can design landscaping to manage stormwater effectively. This may involve creating swales, rain gardens, or permeable surfaces to reduce runoff and enhance water absorption.

You’ll find that working with a local landscape designer who understands the specific conditions of the region can be invaluable. Planet Picasso can help create a beautiful and functional landscape that thrives in Florida's climate while meeting your needs and preferences.