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Planet Picasso can handle all your hardscaping needs.

We take into consideration our area’s climate, soil conditions, and local regulations. We choose materials that can withstand heat, UV radiation, and occasional heavy rainfall. These materials include concrete, natural stone, and certain types of pavers.

We implement eco-friendly practices, such as using permeable surfaces to reduce water runoff and choosing locally sourced materials to minimize environmental impact.

We will help you choose materials and designs that are easy to maintain in our Florida climate. Consider factors like ease of cleaning, resistance to mold and mildew, and durability.

Planet Picasso can help create a hardscape design that not only enhances the aesthetics of your property but also withstands the challenges posed by Florida’s climate and environmental conditions.

Hardscaping is use of paver materials to create a gorgeous and utilitarian extension of any structural design.

  • Outdoor living is greatly complimented with hardscaping
  • People are drawn to beautiful paver patios and walkways
  • Natural stone is also a great material to create a hardscape masterpiece
  • Landscape masonry use of mortar as a timeless look