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Sarasota Drainage Correction

Sarasota and surrounding counties are beautiful with much to offer. However, flat topography does not cater well for drainage.

With over 20 years of landscaping and drainage correction experience, Planet Picasso prevents dwellings from mold, rot, and other undesirable consequences from drainage issues.

Planet Picasso offers tailored design drainage systems to effectively drain water away from structures. We assess each property to ensure drainage issues are addressed and corrected. We have many satisfied and dry clients.

What is Drainage correction

Drainage correction is the process of addressing and rectifying issues related to the flow of water on a property. Proper drainage is essential to prevent water accumulation, which can lead to a variety of problems, including soil erosion, water damage to structures, and the creation of standing water that can become a breeding ground for pests.

Here are some common aspects of drainage correction:

Grading: Adjusting the slope or grade of the land to direct water away from structures and towards designated drainage areas.

Installation of Drainage Systems: Implementing various drainage systems, such as French drains, trench drains, or surface drains, to redirect and manage water flow.

Swales and Berms: Constructing swales (shallow ditches) and berms (raised areas) to guide water away from problem areas.

Permeable Surfaces: Using permeable materials for driveways, walkways, and other surfaces to allow water to penetrate the ground instead of creating runoff.

Retention and Detention Basins: Constructing retention basins to temporarily hold water and allow it to percolate into the soil, or detention basins to control the flow of stormwater.

Vegetative Solutions: Planting vegetation that helps with water absorption and stabilization of soil, reducing erosion.

Erosion Control: Implementing erosion control measures such as retaining walls or erosion control blankets to prevent soil erosion.

Effective drainage correction for your Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch property is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a property and preventing water-related damage. It often requires a combination of engineering expertise, landscape design principles, and the use of appropriate drainage systems to create a sustainable and functional solution.