Mother nature has provided humanity with all we need to live in harmonious balance. Landscaping is a form of art expressed with natural mediums such as soils, rocks, plants, trees, wood, etc. As humans we desire to be surrounded in comfort, truth and balance. Landscaping lets us share common fundamental traits revealing we’re all interconnected.  To landscape a frontier, this is the journey of Planet Picasso. Our life long mission: to install beautiful new plants, seek out new designs, co-create with civilization and boldly go where no landscape has gone before.  

Planet Picasso was established in 1997. We have enjoyed 22 years serving our clients installing beautiful landscape designs while maintaining supreme services, excellent quality and competitive pricing. As part of our resume Planet Picasso has installed landscaping in Illinois, California, Florida, New Mexico, Wisconsin and internationally Colombia and Thailand.

Planet Picasso practices eco friendly environmental methods as we co-create with mother nature. We don’t use chemicals and recycle as much landscape material as possible. Planet Picasso encourages use of native species as an effort to reestablish Florida’s beautiful native landscape.

Planet Picasso is registered with State of Florida and fully insured.


The naming of Planet Picasso

Over the years many people have asked how did the name Planet Picasso come to exist? Long ago while working for a landscape contractor a story was told to a group of co-workers while eating lunch. The workers were down on their morale as the landscape season was off to a slow and uneventful start. During the discussion was mentioned how landscapers are needed in this world to make everything green, enjoyable and aesthetic. The landscaper keeps order to the land while preventing massive chaos and social disorder. Where there would be endless flows of mud and silt are now green grasses, trees and plants where citizens gather in harmony. Essentially, we are all Picasso’s for the planet. At that moment the two words were switched around and Planet Picasso was born.